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Welcome to ToneUp Lounge: Created with YOUR Goals in Mind! We don't want to be judged, gawked at or hassled when working out. Everyone has different goals when they start, but we all want results. The benefits are what keeps our members coming back. You too can achieve your goals and experience these results. Lose weight and you'll feel better about how you look and feel. Increase strength to burn more calories every hour. More energy to keep up with children, grand children and the rest of your life. Vitality for life and let everyone see you still have it. Stamina to get thru the day. Flexibility so you can continue to move freely as you age. Feel younger instead of feeling like you are going down hill. Live longer, weight loss and exercise increases life expectancy and more importantly, how you enjoy the later years. Tone up so you can see those muscles again. They're there!

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We do care about your health with Easytone

Unlike conventional gym equipment, Easytone does not rely exclusively on muscle power, it is controlled by an electronic power system, so the user can work passively or actively, depending on their ability. As the user does not have to provide the motive force, they do not have to overcome inertia in order to use the equipment, so Easytone is a perfect choice for anyone coming back to exercise after periods of rest or inactivity, including the elderly or those with mobility issues. It is also the choice for many discerning exercisers who believe in the 'work smart, not hard’ philosophy for exercise.

ladies only gym in oldbury

The ORIGINAL Soak Off Gel

Calgel was designed with the natural nail in mind; if you are looking for a product that not only protects, but also helps to improve the condition of the natural nail, then this is the product for you. Calgel allows and encourages nail growth while providing beautiful, long lasting and glossy nails. Its damage free soak off has gained a strong reputation since its introduction; Calgel remains the only true ORIGINAL.